Benefit Shop
Foundation Inc.


Traci Lombardo  — Marketing Consultant
Leo Francisco  — Creative Director

Megan Murphy - Client Services Director  

Megan graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography from SUNY Purchase and proceeded to carve out a career within the Fine Art industry working for both Christies and Phillips Auctioneers in NY. From here she ventured onto the NY stock exchange working for Goldman Sachs as a specialist Front line trading clerk before moving across the pond to the UK to work for British Airways. Here at the benefits shop Megan combines her business experience working for world class brands to support all aspects of a thriving and exciting auction house.

Jennifer  Johnson-  Jewelry Specialist              

Zoey -  Gallery Mascot

Pam StoneFounder / President

Jennifer Johnson has been dealing in jewelry, art and distinctive furnishings for almost 35 years.  Jennifer gained her early experience and training at Sothebys under Kevin Tierney and Gerald Hill, Silver and Russian experts. Jennifer then spent over 4 years at both Christies and Christies East cataloguing 19th c paintings. Jennifer developed a strong interest in English and European furniture and decorations while living in the UK and Switzerland for the past 5 years and has continued her passion for 1950’s – 1990’s    jewelry.

Annika Stridh is a multidisciplinary artist from Westchester, NY. She holds a Master's degree in Fine Art from Umeå University in Sweden and a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art and Art History from Oberlin College in Ohio. She has had a varied career working in both the fine art industry and in hospitality services. She begins her journey into the world of auctions and hidden treasures by working at the Benefit Shop as a cataloguer. 


Leo is A Mount Kisco native and recent Graduate of SUNY Purchase. He hold a Bachhelors Degree in New Media with a minor in Photography. He is The Benefit Shop Auction Gallery’s Creative Director. He is  team liaison with all internet partners,  senior photographer, and senior research manager. 

Anna is a graduate of SUNY Oneonta with a Bachelors in Computer Art. As a student and as a recent graduate she has had a number of internships and jobs including an internship at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art. Most recently she has been a photo editor and studio assistant in Studio 3×3 in Wappingers Falls, and worked as Visitor Services Staff at Storm King Art Center. Here at the Benefit Shop she is a photographer and cataloguer, and assists with the marketing and  social media departments.

Traci Lombardo has a rich background as a collector, dealer and expert in antiques and Americana. She has held positions in prestigious galleries, museums and auction houses in New York City including Christie’s and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Currently, Traci is an adjunct professor of art history and art appreciation at Essex County College in New Jersey. She has a master's degree in art history and museum studies from City College of New York, and a B.A. with a certificate in historic preservation from Rutgers University. She is an independent consultant in marketing and artifacts for The Benefit Shop Foundation.

Ms. Stone is a Wharton MBA, Wall Street refugee, having spent 22 years in the realm of Investment Banking.  The latter16 years as Senior Managing Partner at Needham & Company.  In 2009 She turned her ten-year-old brainchild into a business that not only does good for the community, but thrives amidst a post-recession rebound. Ms.  Stone's nonprofit business, The Benefit Shop Foundation, has become known as the "secret source" for some of the best interior designers in Westchester and Fairfield County. The model is simple: The 501(c)(3) firm receives donations from upscale area estates and presents them in live and internet auctions. The consignor gets a tax deduction, the buyer gets a great deal, and nonprofits in the community get the proceeds.

Annika Stridh  — Art Specialist

Anna Graziosi  - Auction Manager