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How long does it take from the auction date to the consignment check?
Items that sell at auction are reconciled within 45 days. Your items are part of a single consignor order life cycle beginning the date of your first auction. The second auction runs online only two weeks later. Consignor checks are issued thirty days following the second auction.

What happens if an item doesn’t sell the second time around?
Items that remain after a second auction shift to “donation” and are once again offered for sale but at price points significantly below the market rate unless they are retrieved by their consignor within two business days. Consignors receive a tax deductible donation form to report these items along with their settlement checks.

I need help getting consignments to gallery, can TBS help? 
Moving consignments to the gallery is the responsibility of the consignor. TBS often helps by reserving our preferred team of bonded movers in a 16ft truck within a 20 mile radius. Alternatively, we receive deliveries of both donations and consignments weekdays between 10AM and 4:30PM.

What happens to items not eligible for consignment?
We do auction donations for charity, and often together in mixed group lots. Items that arrive with estates that are damaged, or do not meet the threshold for auction, might be sold from the gallery floor on preview days or passed to Goodwill, elementary school fundraisers, local religious groups, or the veterans association as we are limited on space.